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Liver fasting-a simple way to reduce body fat

If you have followed our story on Instagram carefully, you already know: I try thisFasting according to Prof. Dr. Wormfrom. The Story behind this attempt is that in 2016, without warning, I fell from 53 kg to67 kg (!!!)have increased. That was a totalShockfor me, because I never had any weight problems.

When I realized what happened, I always tried to lose weight and actually continued to lose weight, but unfortunately I still did not reach 53 kg. Overall, theProcess too slowand I have been too impatient to endure this slow process.

When you suddenly experience such a physical change, you become frustrated or you start to deal with the topic of Health and you realize how mega interesting, but alsocomplexthe theme is.

You have hopefully watched the stories well, because then you know in sha Allah what it is about! In this Newsletter I promised to show you how to determine if you might have a fatty liver.IF YOU HAVE FATTY LIVER, YOU CAN HARDLY LOSE WEIGHT!Your metabolism is blocked, so you have to degrease the good liver. Slim down, in the truest sense of the word!

First: How do you know if you have a fatty liver?Easy!You need the following information:


b. waist circumference

c. triglycerides

D. Gamma-GT

With the first two values, everyone can follow, after that it gets complicated. No, not really, alhamdullilah. The last two values you get through a blood count, just go to the doctor and have blood taken. These values you can all under the following Link ( and you will find out if you have a fatty liver. If you have the values there, that isan act of 2 minutes


Even if youno fatty liverif you have, it is worth fasting your liver in order to preventatively protect your liver, because it can withstand so much in everyday life!

For example, I had no fatty liver and yet I went through the intensive lent uuuuuuunnnnd the result:

After two weeks of intensive fasting I lost 2.6 kg and 0.6% body fat. Alhamdulillah!In comparison, I can say that from November 2019 to April 2020 I only lost 0.4% body fat.

That is progress. I am sure that in sha Allah one loses even more body fat, if one does sports and does not perform the Cure on Ramadan.

Of course, the liver fasting treatment is not over yet, as it goes on in sha Allah, you can find out in the Instagram Story, so please stop by!My interim conclusion is that I have just found a good way and feel that I am making progress.Alhamdullilah.

I have rewarded myself directly with a new Outfit, here I wear the Jazzy Hijab in Black and I love it! Do you want to?

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