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How do you active through the Ramadan to come...

tip 1:
Your Niya is your inner impeller. Always remember why you're doing what you're doing and clean your Mindset from destructive thoughts. Allah loves you and it is a special month.
Tip 2:
water is just such a blessing, precious gift of Allah. Water is so versatile and so comforting in all respects. Did you know that your body consists of water? Drink in spite of Ramadan, a lot of water between Maghrib and Fajr. This will give you Power and a good Hydration for the day.
Tip 3: 
coffee adè! Who needs coffee when there are hot and cold showers? Exchange I discovered showers in this Ramadan very new to me. If you arrive after a short warm shower unit, slowly from leg to leg you cold abduschst until you finally came to the face, feels like three coffee and two green teas. A positive side effect is Super good for the blood circulation!
Tip 4: 
Sleep well. Short bedroom units are great to win just to late in the afternoon of the day of energy. Tricky is that you should really make a short Nap and the whole thing may not get out of hand (believe me, I speak from experience). Your Nap, make it 20 min before an appointment, so you definitely NEED to get up.
Tip 5:
plan your life and live your Plan! Structuring your day in a realistic and when you reach a weak point and a moment to lose, you work you just keep to your Plan all along.


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