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Imagine entering a fashion store that focuses on your needs as a Muslim woman, your needs as a headscarf wearer.

A greeting of peace comes to you and your hijab is seen as a sign of strength and beauty.

EDYT & BLOOM is your shop. We attach great importance to providing you with high-quality products and a breathtaking shopping experience.

We have you in mind, every step we take. You are our most valuable customer.

We show that the modesty of the hijab does not stand in the way of tasteful and chic outfits, but complements them.

These thoughts motivated us in spring 2018 to found EDYT & BLOOM with Allah's help. We want to send a signal. In sha Allah we contribute to the fact that you are present in society as a Muslima without having to bend you – with style – but just ladylike.

Hijab is empowerment, courage, and strength.

We were also disappointed by the small selection of high-quality headscarves, even in big cities like Hamburg and Berlin we did not find what we were looking for.

We searched online for alternatives, only to find that the ordered goods often did not look as they were presented on the website.

The hijabs were:

  1. qualitatively different than expected,
  2. damaged after a few washcycles,
  3. too thin, so that they were transparent even with multiple folds,
  4. too thick, so that they could be formed very badly and
  5. often difficult to iron.


We wanted a solution. No one offered one. So we thought to ourselves: Let's just do it ourselves!

We have been looking for a long time to find manufacturers who produce hijabs according to EDYT & BLOOM ideas: chic, colorful, as opaque as possible, not too thick, easy to iron and perfectly snuggled upto the head.

We have gone through a lot of moments of happiness and a lot of depths.  It was far from easy. We cried, honestly. We wanted to give up, often. We laughed about it and kept going. We were proud and grateful! We put money in the sand and received mouldy goods.

We have found a solution!

Alhamdulillah. We have learned from mistakes and are still a very young start-up with big dreams, but we love our work.

Are you ready to change (edit) and bloom (bloom)? Check out our range of premium hijabs now.

Do you have any questions? Send us a message now via the contact form.

Your EDYT & BLOOM team.